Don't let your hard earned money slip down the drain.

You and your staff deserve the freedoms and rewards that come with a high collection ratio on a weekly basis.



The answer is simple, Ledger Resolutions was founded by Kevin Cappel, a physical therapist who was a private practice owner and learned this area of his practice from the ground up.

After selling his partnership in a successful private practice, Kevin became a consultant for other private practice owners and soon discovered that there was a lack of enough billing and collections services available to help the private practice owner run a profitable practice and still be able to focus on the part of the business that they enjoyed.

Ledger Resolutions was founded to fill a gap in the market.


Are your Collections keeping up with Billing?

  • Decreasing reimbursements
  • Increasing competition
  • Increasing costs of doing business.


Now more than ever it is imperative that every dollar owed to your practice is actually collected. The financial success of the entire practice hinges on the success of this department.


By survey it has been determined that the vast majority of private practice owners who contract with an outside billing and collection service are losing more money than they can usually confront.

Write-offs and adjustments are usually much higher than they should be simply because the owner is too busy treating patients and doesn’t have time to learn what needs to be done to create a higher degree of accountability in the billing & collection service.


Emphasis on Collections, not just Billing

There are eight separate and distinct activities which must be performed in sequence in order to capture the money owed. Anyone can do the first five! It is the final three which make or break a practice. And it is these three final activities which separate Ledger Resolutions from the rest of the billing and collection services available.


You and your staff deserve the freedoms and rewards that come with a high collection ratio on a weekly basis.

You also deserve to have the facts and figures available to you on a weekly basis to be able to evaluate how well this department is doing its job. You know when the clinical area of your practice is doing well because the patients tell you so. But how do you measure how well your billing and collections area is doing? And what statistics should you be looking at to make that determination?

And that’s what separates Ledger Resolutions from the crowd.


Let Ledger Resolutions help you and your organization achieve your financial goals.